Admin Dashboard

Linkity comes with an admin dashboard which helps create and manage links, and also gives you stats on link clicks.

Accessing the Dashboard

Linkity's dashboard is available on the script's URL followed by /admin. If you installed your script on, then the dashboard will be available at:


  • Homepage - The homepage displays the total amount of views all of your links have received.

  • Links - The links page displays all of the links you've created. Click on a link to manage it or to view its link clicks.

  • Settings - The settings page helps you configure some minor details of Linkity.

  • Profile - You can manage your user profile here. Click on the profile icon on the top right of the page to access this page.


These are the settings you can change from the Settings page in the admin dashboard.

  • Name - This is the name of the app you set while installing Linkity.

  • Homepage - Whether to display the homepage for anyone to be able to anonymously shorten links?

  • Domain - By default, Linkity will shorten a link and map it to the domain Linkity is being served on, but you can force it to use a separate domain. Please make sure that domain also resolves to Linkity.

  • Path - If Linkity is being served from a sub-directory, we'll automatically figure it out and add that as the path. You can change this path to anything you want.

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