Customizing Linkity

Linkity is built to be expanded upon with new features and designs. This page describes the files Linkity uses.

The File Structure




Serves the homepage


Redirects links to their long URLs.


Stores important settings such as the database credentials.


The actual class that handles links, views and users.


The admin dashboard for managing Linkity.

Simple Customizations

Say you'd like to change the background the homepage displays, all you'd have to do is open index.php and set the background img's src to your background's URL.

Similarly, you can make design changes just by changing the CSS & HTML of these files.

Advanced Customizations

Say you'd like to build a multiple user system, you'd have to change the functions in libs/linkity.php and customize the admin dashboard.

If you need any help, we're always here to help, just shoot us an email at

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